Best Practices And Replicability


One of the remarkable best practices of the institution is the Scholarship/Sponsorship for staff interested in finishing their degree and eventually obtaining a decent job to support their family. Their work schedules are adjusted based on their school schedule, so that they are not pressured between work and school. Such effort is part of our advocacy plan about earning and learning among young workers in preparation for their security for adulthood. 

Since its start, about —- staffs were graduated and partly, they are giving back the chance by visiting every now and then. In the given situation of our staffs who have benefited from our Scholarship program they are very grateful to the foundation for giving them chance to uplift their way of life. In return they still give their time to serve our Lola’s before they look for a greener pasture. Some of them came back and volunteered to help us in cleaning, repairing our computer systems and our electricity connection, and others bring foods for their meals, helping served our student canteen.   


Aligning our medical services under the new normal situation, the setting-up of an infirmary with hospital beds is very timely to our clients. The arrangement with the doctors for in-house check-up and the bringing of some medical apparatus for laboratories of the Lolas, were quiet convenient and cost efficient compared to confinement at the hospital. In effect, no Lolas were infected with this dreadful virus.  


Although the institution is relying on donations from its benefactors, our deepest concern is about other institutions who were greatly affected by the nationwide lockdown, that triggered us to reach out them.   

During the lockdown and health crisis, the texts of our sisters went viral and many sponsors, benefactors and concerned citizens, including our Bishop Dennis came to the rescue, and donations came quickly so much so that we had enough to share to other institutions. We delivered the donations to their centers. Our sisters also shared with the poor who had no food to eat. Sharing during hard times is a noble work and very fulfilling, and it give joy to the heart, as even if it’s only a little; in a simple way you, you can make a difference.